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Vintage year 2015

Supreme quality thanks to plenty of sunshine and warm weather
For us, the wine season begins during winter as soon as our wine growers devote their complete attention to the pruning of vines. And so also during the rather mild winter of 2014/2015, when already at the beginning of March a mild spring began to knock on our doors, thus prompting an early awakening of nature. Juice was flowing in the vines and on March 30, the first leaves appeared in the grapevine. 
Far into May, a warm and dry weather dictated the spring of 2014/2015. After a brief spell of cold weather with first rainfalls, the summer of records 2015 began boating temperatures reaching far above 30°C. Vegetation continued to prosper in the calm and consistent weather, and at the beginning of July an early lignification began. The resulting extended ripening process guaranteed for aromatic grapes of finest quality.
The continuing warm and sunny climate during fall provided ideal conditions for a preferably speedy harvest. It took only a few rounds of picking to harvest grapes of extraordinary quality. The harvest began on September 1, with Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Schiava, Pinot Noir and Lagrein then followed as early as the second half of September.
Then, by mid-October the harvest was concluded with the Pinot Bianco from more elevated locations in Sirmian, along with the Merlot and Cabernet in Margreid. Finally, on October 21, the Mosciato Giallo grapes for the BARONESSE Passito were laid out to dry at the Baron Salvadori Estate.
2015 thus promises to become an extraordinary vintage. The white wines, stored in barrels on fine lees, show a lot of salinity, strength and natural sweetness with multilayered elegance. Meanwhile, the red wines in the wood barrels already boast promising and complex aromas, density and an exceptional depth.
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