The World of Fine Wine | Issue 49 | 2015 ~ Winery Nals Margreid

The World of Fine Wine | Issue 49 | 2015

Trentino and Alto Adige Whites - A Breath Of Mountain Air
SIRMIAN Pinot Bianco 2012
NB | Color code 2. Instead of tending toward Pinot Gris, this wine, while being a good example of the best of Alto Adige, tends toward Chardonnay, with its butterscotch flavors and its strong minerality. Nicely balanced and undoubtedly a superior drink, it is a little weighty and, if anything, a bit too flavorful. | 16
BB | Straw with golden highlights. Mature, broad, and layered yellow stone fruit with lavender and almonds. Rich, broad palate with layered fruit and lots of personality. A complex, quality white wine that will develop further. | 18
AJ | Full mid lemon-gold. A richer Pinot Bianco than most, though still pretty sketchy in terms of allusions: softly doughy and sappy. Concentrated and more ambitious than its peers on the palate: rounded, poised, sweet yet fresh, the archetypical drinker’s white and perfect either as a whitewine apéritif or with food. Good and supremely adaptable. Not quite vinous and not quite “mineral”; in a way persecuted by its own intrinsic neutrality. Is it a little gingery at the finish? Perhaps. But very good wine in context. | 16.5
PUNGGL Pinot Grigio 2013
NB | Color code 2.5. A bit deeper than straw yellow. Heady perfume of type, butterscotch and mineral. Serious weight in mouth, rich of flavor and balanced by good acidity. Lasts long in the mouth, with a velvety aftertaste. | 16.5
BB | Straw with green highlights. Restrained, clean floral yellow fruits and chamomile nose with lively minerality and hints of sage and tomato leaf. Balanced palate with great minerality coming though. Love the style of this Pinot Grigio. | 17.5
AJ | A developed lemon-gold. Fresh, dry, sound though few handles to grab hold of. Well crafted and satisfying on the palate, with some sweet vanilla to round out the generalized orchard fruit and ripe balancing acidity. A little vinosity, too, and the kind of satisfying unfruity finishing complexity one could call a “mineral” note. Very good Pinot Grigio, I think. | 15.5
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