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CHARDONNAY Riserva Baron Salvadori 2012
LYRA Gew├╝rztraminer 2014
CHARDONNAY Riserva Baron Salvadori 2012
"Let’s write it now so that later we will not be influenced by thinking about it too much: it is the best Chardonnay we have ever tasted in a long time (and believe us, we are lucky enough to taste a lot of them). It clearly proves that a variety, which was sometimes foolishly described as being too old, too overused, can still be one of the kings of white winemaking in the world. Alto Adige is a suitable area to grow it, thanks to great cooperatives such as Nals Margreid. The 12-months ageing in barrique improved all the bouquet, from the refined and clear hints of exotic fruits (such as pineapple and banana) to those of dried fruits (apricot), of refined white chocolate and of vanilla. The taste is amazingly harmonious while the drinkability is “dangerous”: one would never stop drinking it! We enjoyed it accompanied by an extraordinary curry pasta and it was just wonderful."
LYRA Gewürztraminer 2014
"Oh boy, what a Gewürztraminer! It has a strong aromatic quality, without ever becoming cloying and with endless paring opportunities. It comes from an area considered to be incredibly suitable for the grape, an area known as Termeno, in Alto Adige. Its origins can be felt in the bouquet, thanks to the traditional flower (rose) and tropical fruit (litchis and pineapples) hints accompanied by elegant spicy (cloves and vanilla) overtones. The palate is like a tasty candy that never ends; it is rich and very persistent. We enjoyed it very much together with a seafood crudité."
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