“Wine Advocate” thrilled by the Nals Margreid Winery ~ Winery Nals Margreid

“Wine Advocate” thrilled by the Nals Margreid Winery

Praise for the Nals Margreid Winery from Robert Parker’s “Wine Advocate”, one of the world’s most influential wine magazines. At a recent “Top Italian Wines” tasting session in Singapore, the magazine’s Italian wines expert Monica Larner was impressed by the “unique quality” of the wines from Nals Margreid.
The “Wine Advocate” is both feared and treasured: Its judgments offer orientation for wine lovers on the one hand and have an influence on image and prices on the other. “So it’s important for every producer to get good grades from the US magazine,” says Gottfried Pollinger, Managing Director of Nals Margreid Winery. At all events, following the “Top Italian Wines” tasting session in Singapore, the winery can be sure of the approval of the “Wine Advocate”.

Monica Larner, as the magazine’s expert for Italian wines, tasted wines from several top-ranking Italian producers such as Gaja, Antinori, Jerman, Marchesi di Barolo and also Nals Margreid. The latter was represented with its regional wines Sirmian, Mantele, Magrè and Punggl. Although accustomed to success, Monica Larner’s verdict even came as a surprise to the Nals Margreid management. The expert’s assessment: “The wines tell us of their respective sites in South Tyrol and speak of an unadulterated world of nature. They are clear and have a salty finish and great potential for development. The Sirmian Pinot Bianco in particular is a unique embodiment of the Alpine character, such as I have never experienced before. I am thrilled.”

For Gottfried Pollinger, the result is confirmation of the good work that has been done over the years at Nals Margreid: “We have a strict policy of employing the highest quality standards in all phases of production – from sustainable husbandry in the vineyards in harmony with nature and the need for a biological equilibrium to the careful work we do in the cellars. I am especially pleased that our competence has also been recognized by one of the world’s most influential trade magazines.”
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