Gambero Rosso - Vini d'Italia 2014 ~ Winery Nals Margreid

Gambero Rosso - Vini d'Italia 2014

3 Glasses: SIRMIAN Pinot Bianco 2012

2 red glasses:
BARONESSE Passito Baron Salvadori 2010
PUNGGL Pinot Grigio 2012
GALEA Vernatsch 2012
This exciting co-cooperative cellar came out of the union, in 1985, between two well-established operations, Cantina Nalles, founded in 1932, and Magrè-Niclara, founded in 1954. The result is a group of 140 members who cultivate a total of 150 hectares. Nals Margreid is still undergoing impressive changes with energy radiating from the new cellar designed by architect Markus Scherer. Every year, the winery style is acquiring better definition and territorial character, thanks to the skills of cellarmaster Harald Schraffl. No shortcuts here: progress is based on hard work and respect. Pinot  Bianco Sirmian 2012 has a smokey finesse, and flowers follow white-fleshed fruit. It runs ahead and expandes in the mouth, and then apples appear with a surprising mass of plum blossom. A lovley bitter touch, both delicate and original, hints at a Alpine grasses. For these reasons, it is the white of the year. The dryly mineral Schiava Galea 2012 has strength and ripe tannins.
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