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The 2017 vintage - Low yield, high quality

The 2017 vintage will perhaps be remembered as having been particularly exciting. In view of the weather conditions, it certainly required an enormous amount of expertise, sensitivity and sheer hard work.
But let us start at the beginning: The winter was a cold and dry one, and not all the vines survived. The spring was very mild at first, which encouraged the new shoots and harmonious growth of the vines. The second half of April was marred by a late frost, however, which killed the young buds.

After that, the year was very similar to 2011 and 2007, with temperatures well above the long-term average. The summer saw very early flowering and an early start to the ripening period. But it also brought storms, and a lot of precise manual work was required following the hail storm on August 9 and 10, which caused a lot of damage to some of the sites in Margreid in particular.
The harvest began on August 28 and continued until the middle of October. Due to the vagaries of the weather, the volume of grapes harvested was down by about 20 percent. Thanks to the skill and great care taken by our small-scale family winegrowers, however, we were able to harvest healthy, very ripe and extremely high quality grapes.

The white wines from the 2017 vintage, which are still on the fine lees in the barrel, promise to be very fruity and salty with a lively acidity plus good complexity and length. The reds are maturing in small and large wooden barrels. The first tastings indicate wines with plenty of concentration, fruit, complexity and elegance.
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