James Suckling 2019 ~ Winery Nals Margreid

James Suckling 2019

96 Points | SIRMIAN Pinot Bianco 2018
95 Points | BARONESSE Moscato Giallo Passito 2017
94 Points | PENON Pinot Bianco 2018
94 Points | BARON SALVADORI Chardonnay Riserva 2017
93 Points | PUNGGL Pinot Grigio 2018
93 Points | KALK Chardonnay 2018
93 Points | MAGRED Chardonnay 2018
93 Points | GENNEN Sauvignon 2018
93 Points | MANTELE Sauvignon 2018
96 Points | SIRMIAN Pinot Bianco 2018
This is one of the best pinot biancos in Italy with wild and vivid fruit and electric acidity. Full body. Tight and energetic. Cool single- vineyard white. Drink now or hold. 
95 Points | BARONESSE Moscato Giallo Passito 2017 
This is really sweet but fresh and vivid with dried peaches and pears, as well as apricots. medium to full body. Loads of almost toffee, pancake and light-syrup character. Drink now.
94 Points | PENON Pinot Bianco 2018
Lots of sliced apples, pears and apricots on the nose and palate. Medium to full body. Vivid finish. Energetic single—vineyard white. Drink now.
94 Points | BARON SALVADORI Chardonnay Riserva 2017 
A pretty white with layers of cooked apples and hints of honey. Medium to full body. Creamy texture. Bottling in September 2019.

93 Points | PUNGGL Pinot Grigio 2018
Lots of tropical fruit on the nose with papaya and sliced mango, as well s citrus. Full body, creamy texture and an excellent, bright finish. Single vineyard. Drink now. 

93 Points | KALK Chardonnay 2018 
This very creamy and delicious with sliced pear and apple aromas and flavors, as well as lemon and mineral. Medium body. Bright and right. No wood! Drink now.
93 Points  | MAGRED Chardonnay 2018
This is a rich and wild chardonnay with cooked apples, pineapple and hints of cream and praline. Medium to full body. Creamy texture. Made in large wooden casks. Drink or hold.
93 Points | GENNEN Sauvignon 2018
This is very subtle and layered a variety of notes, such as green apples, fennel and lemon peel. Medium body. Crisp and clean. Drink now.
93 Points | MANTELE Sauvignon 2018
This is a rich and complex sauvignon with sliced apples, mangoes and pineapple. Mushrooms, too. Flowers. Full and complex. Hints of new oak. Drink or hold.

9Points  | BERG Pinot Bianco 2018
A tangy and bright white with sliced-apple and honey character to the dried tropical fruit and pears. Medium-bodied, tight, crisp and clean. From hillside vineyards. Drink now.
92 Points | HILL Pinot Grigio 2018
This is so lively and fresh with gorgeous sliced papaya and apple flavors. Medium body. Vibrant and delicious. Drink now.

92 Points | STEIN Sauvignon 2018
Lovely green freshness on both the nose and palate with limes and kiwis. Yet, ever so subtle. Medium body. Bright acidity. Extremely long. Drink or hold.

92 Points  | JURA Pinot Noir 2017
A chewy pinot noir with dried-strawberry and sliced-plum character. Medium to full body. Dusty tannins and a flavorful finish. Needs a year or two to soften. Try in 2020.

92 Points | ANTICUS Merlot Cabernet Riserva 2016
A luscious blend of merlot and cabernet with black-olive and currant aromas and flavors. Medium to full body and round. Lightly chewy tannins. Flavorful finish. Savory. 24 months in barrel, one third new. Drink in 2021

91 Points | LYRA Gewürztraminer 2018
This old-vine gewurz shows almond paste, spice, cream and cooked apples. Medium to full body. Dense and flavorful. Subtle finish. Drink now.

91 Points | GALEA Schiava 2018
This is a fun and exotic, light-bodied red with dried-strawberry and light cherry character. Hints of flowers. Crisp and fun. Drink now.

90 Points | LEITEN Gewürztraminer
A soft and fruity white with cloves and sliced apples and pears. Some spice. Medium body. Flavorful finish. Easy Gewurz. Drink now.

90 Points | NM Cuvée Chardonnay Sauvignon 2018
A fruity and delicious wine that shows preserved lemons and pear drops. Light to medium body, some beautiful acidity and a fine finish. 70% chardonnay and 30% sauvignon. Drink now.
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