The Vintage 2020  ~ Winery Nals Margreid

The Vintage 2020

Harald Schraffl, winemaker, reports:

“Each vintage is different and requires its own interpretation, which turns our
work in the vineyard and the cellar into something special.”
After a winter of moderate snowfall and cool spring days, the vines began to
germinate slightly late, but vigorously nonetheless. Temperatures rose rapidly
and we were able to enjoy the first works in our vineyards in the warm May sun.
The sunny spring caused the vines to blossom very early, with the flower clusters
requiring sprinkling despite the late appearance of shoots (open flowers were
observed as early as 10 May): the result was a small but high-quality yield. Once
the shoots had appeared, the vines were trained in June and July and the leaves
around the grapes were carefully pruned. We invest a good 1,000 working hours
per hectare in our vineyards each year and, on steep slopes, this figure can be
significantly higher.
At its height, the cool summer brought plenty of rain, especially to the Adige
Valley, with very early ripening of the plants. This in turn caused an unusually
early and good-quality ripening of the grapes: separation of the grapes by hand
allowed fungal infestation to be completely avoided. This is particularly important
in Nals, where we find clayey limestone soils with a porphyry content.
A tense autumn with recurring light autumn rainfall kept ourselves and our
winegrowers in suspense, and posed a challenge as regards the ideal date for
harvesting. We began the harvest on August 26th with the PUNGGL Pinot Grigio
from Margreid, finishing on October 10th with the Pinot Bianco from Sirmian and
the LAFOT Cabernet. As expected, the harvest was slightly smaller.
Thanks to our selection work in the vineyards and the harvesting by hand, which
allows us to remove any damaged berries, the white wines now possess an
invigorating acidity, fineness, body and an elegant fruit, while the red wines have
a wonderfully impressive, deep colour, soft tannins and a delicate finesse.
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