Gambero Rosso - Vini d'Italia 2015 ~ Winery Nals Margreid

Gambero Rosso - Vini d'Italia 2015

3 Glasses: SIRMIAN Pinot Bianco 2013

2 red Glasses:
PUNGGL Pinot Grigio 2013
MANTELE Sauvignon 2013
ANTICUS Riserva Baron Salvadori 2011
"For years we've been focusing on high quality at each and every production stage, starting from low yields per hectare, careful maturation and perfect ageing in the cellar", says Gottfried Pollinger, CEO of Cantina Nals Margreid, whose 140 members cultivate 150 hectares of vineyards from Bassa Atesina all the way up to Merano. The skill of cellarmaster Harald Schraffl ensures the winery style is acquiring better definition and terroir trueness year after year thanks to his painstaking efforts. No shortcuts here: progress is based on hard work and respect. Repeating last year's successes, the Pinot Bianco Sirmian remains one of the province's finest wines. Its bouquet recalls apples and pears, while a flowery, subtly vegetal note further refresh its aromatic wealth. The mouth reveals medium body and a palate characterized by grip and richness of flavour, for a supple, never-ending finish.
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