Wine Enthusiast Magazine - June 2013 ~ Winery Nals Margreid

Wine Enthusiast Magazine - June 2013

90 MANTELE Sauvignon 2011
90 SIRMIAN Pinot Bianco 2011
90 LYRA Gew├╝rztraminer 2010
88 Pinot Bianco Penon 2011
87 Moscato Giallo 2011
90 MANTELE Sauvignon 2011: This is a lovely sauvignon with thick consistency in the mouth and vibrant flavors of melon. Golden Delicius apple, yellow rose, spicy ginger and fragrant honeysuckle that pull together as one. The natural creaminess of the wine drives a long finish.

90 SIRMIAN Pinot Bianco 2011: Sirmian is a beautiful Pinot Bianco that really shows true varietal characteristics. The subdued delivers pear, stone fruit and crushed mineral. The mouth feel is creamy, rich and ends with waxy flavors of lemon and Golden Delicious apple.

90 LYRA Gewürztraminer 2010: Here´s a spicy and intense expression of Gewürztraminer with a thick, waxy texture and fragrant tones of apricot, sweet almond paste, yellow rose, dried ginger and honey. The sassy spice in the mouth is what really sets it apart.

88 Pinot Bianco Penon 2011: Penon stand out for the purity and the directness of its varietal characteristics. Pinot Bianco delivers more in the mouth in terms of structure than it does to the nose. You feel that density here followed by stone fruit and melon.

87 Moscato Giallo 2011: An herbaceous citrus quality opens the bouquet of this elegant Moscato Giallo. But there’s subtle complexity here as well with slight accents of cinnamon and dried ginger. In the mouth, the wine is dense and waxy in feel.
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