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Wine Enthusiast new ratings

92 Pinot Grigio Punggl 2011 - Nals Margreid
90 Pinot Grigio 2011 - Nals Margreid
92 Nals Margreid 2011 Punggl Pinot Grigio (Alto Adige). This is delightful, with amazing intensity and unique smoothness. Aromas of honey, peach and cantaloupe linger on the finish, with a fresh note of mountain flower. This is a simple wine, but a perfectly executed one.

90 Nals Margreid 2011 Pinot Grigio (Alto Adige). Nals Margreid has evidently mastered the art of Pinot Grigio. What makes this wine special is that its simple core is embellished by a whole series of tiny, sophisticated tweaks that make it a pleasure to drink. There are flavors of ripe fruit, almond and bright melon, with a creamy note of citrus on the finish. Masciarelli Wine Co. Editors’ Choice. —M.L.
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