Wine Meridian - Sweet Italy ~ Cantina Nals Margreid

Wine Meridian - Sweet Italy

BARONESSE Baron Salvadori Passito 2011
"The small cooperative winery from Alto Adige never ceases to amaze us and we consider it not only one of the most interesting on the Alto Adige winemaking scene but also on the Italian winemaking scene, in general! The Baronesse Passito, produced from Moscato Giallo, is really excellent, right from the intense amber yellow colour. The aroma is as intense, with hints of candied citrus fruits, of acacia honey and of herbs (sage) and spices (cinnamon and vanilla) as well.
The palate is as embracing as velvet, with an extraordinary harmony and a very persistent, dried fruit finish. We enjoyed it with a selection of herb cheeses and we were not longing for a Sauternes."
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