Robert Parker's Wine Advocate | September 2021 ~ Cantina Nals Margreid

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate | September 2021

96 Punkte | NAMA Cuvée 2016

94 Punkte | BARONESSE Moscato Giallo Passito 2019

93 Punkte | SIRMIAN Pinot Bianco 2019

92 Punkte | PUNGGL Pinot Grigio 2019

92 Punkte | BARON SALVADORI Chardonnay Riserva 2018
NAMA Cuvée 2016
This is a new wine, and it's a big deal too. It arrives in special packaging, with a pretty wax capsule and numbered bottles (I tasted bottle number 0542). A blend of 85% Chardonnay, 9% Pinot Bianco and 6% Sauvignon, the Nals Margreid 2016 Alto Adige Bianco Nama is all about textural richness and creamy concentration. A heavy, environmentally unfriendly glass bottle underlines this theme, unfortunately; but this is no ordinary blend. The wine moves steadily and lazily over the palate, imparting ripe and solid aromas of honey, tropical fruit, vanilla spice and creamy custard. Its appearance is luminous and bright, and the aromatic layering is intricate and multilayered. This is a generous, full-bodied white with a lively and creamy finish that can be counted in long minutes. Here's a new discovery from Alto Adige to add to your cellar.

BARONESSE Moscato Giallo Passito 2019
Aged for a year in small oak barrels and released in 2,500 375-milliliter bottles, the 2019 Alto Adige Baronesse Passito opens to a dark-gold, almost orange color that underlines the giallo, or "yellow," in the grape's name, Moscato Giallo. The bouquet provides full-blown aromas of honey, perfumed flower, citrus blossom, apricot and candied fruit. This 12% alcohol dessert wine is sticky and sweet, almost excessively so, but its Baroque, almost exaggerated personality is a main feature of this after-dinner treat made with air-dried fruit. It should hit the shelves in October 2021.

SIRMIAN Pinot Bianco 2019
Drying mineral tones and crushed limestone open the bouquet of the 2019 Alto Adige Pinot Bianco Sirmian. Those distinctive mineral tones pivot smoothly to white peach and crunchy pear, near perfect for some raw oysters on the half shell. Pinot Bianco is the grape that best reflects the brilliant luminosity and crispness of high-altitude winemaking in the Italian Dolomites. Some 40,000 bottles were released.

PUNGGL Pinot Grigio 2019
Light and luminous, the 2019 Alto Adige Pinot Grigio Punggl shows citrus, honeydew melon and crushed limestone. The wine shows some subtle softness in the mouth, followed up by a spark of fresh acidity, just the thing for a cheesy Dolomite recipe of polenta with mushrooms. This wine plays its best cards in terms of the mildly creamy richness it offers on the palate. About 35,000 bottles were made.

BARON SALVADORI Chardonnay Riserva 2018
The Nals Margreid 2018 Alto Adige Chardonnay Riserva Baron Salvadori is a rich, creamy and full-bodied expression that does a good job of putting its ample fruit weight on balance with the acidity and the multilayered oak renderings at the back. Generous layers of orchard fruit, poached apple and even a hint of spicy turmeric round off the finish. It could be very nice with a chicken cordon bleu. Some 15,000 bottles were made.
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